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  • How do your wine and bourbon events work?
    Education: • All of my wine and bourbon events have an educational component, including the “why” and “where” behind each wine or bourbon, food pairing basics, how to read a label, etc. • We typically taste and discuss 3 different wines or bourbons over a 90-minute session. Of course, I’m happy to mix up the wines however you prefer or add additional wines. Pricing: This is done on a per-person basis. Each quote includes the wine or bourbon. I can add other items, like glasses if needed. Food: I'll work with chefs and caterers, whether you're looking for appetizers or a traditional multi-course meal. I'm sure you'll have questions, so I'm happy to hop on a call to discuss. To set up a time, please email me at
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number for your events?
    There's no minimum or maximum. I've done events for as few as 4 or 5 people and as large as 100+ people.
  • Do you travel outside of Birmingham?
    Yes. I have clients all over the country (and international clients I reach via Zoom events). I happily take the show on the road. If interested, send me an email:
  • What about Bourbon? Do you do education events for that?
    Yes. Most of my events feature 4 to 5 bourbons—my typical lineup is a standard mash bill, high rye, wheated, and single barrel. If a fifth Bourbon is added, I usually make that a small batch. These 4 to 5 cover the waterfront of bourbon styles. Education sessions take about 2 hours. Since Alabama is a "control" state, the selection of all spirits is limited, but I try to find the best example for each category. Here's how I structure my Bourbon tastings: 1. Each guest gets a glass of the 4 to 5 Bourbons, plus a glass of water. We look at the color, aroma, and taste of each bourbon. 2. Next, each guest adds a few drops of water to each bourbon, and then we look at the aroma and taste a second time. Like my wine events, pricing is done per person and includes all the bourbons and glass rental (5 glasses per person). If you're interested or need more info, email me:
  • Do you have pictures of past events?
  • Do you offer gift certificates?
    Yes. If you're interested in giving a Wine or Bourbon Education Event as a holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift, send me an email:
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